The Yoghurt Shop, The Avenues


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Business Description

This business operates as a specialist retailer of fresh yoghurt and yoghurt associated products and is run partly under management with the current vendor working 20 hours per week.

This business is currently operated under licence but will be sold to a purchaser who will be required to bring it under the group banner as a franchise. As a franchise it will continue to operate in the same way that is has under licence in that the franchise fee will be incorporated within the cost of the goods purchased from the group. 

 Simon Winter 0419 828 689


Extended Price Information

Goodwill $62,500
Plant & Equipment $1,500
Stock at valuation (approx) $6,000


Financial Summary

Sales Return to Owner Return on Owner's Investment
n/a (annualised) $296,726 $99,099 142.57%
n/a $280,161 $70,270 100.39%
2012/2013 $260,175 $54,905 78.44%
2013/2014 (annualised) $238,143 $61,042 87.20%
The return to owner is a net return to one working owners after all expenses and wages but excluding the vendors’ wage. Prior to the Vendor purchasing the Glenelg Yoghurt Shop, the vendor worked at The Avenues 30 hours per week. Since purchasing Glenelg, the vendor works in The Avenues 20 hours per week.

Staff Summary

Nine casual staff plus one vendor working approx. 20 hours per week.

Lease Summary

Current Rent $1,684.63 per month + GST
Lease Term 5 years
Lease Commencement August 2010
Lease Expiration August 2015
Right of Renewal 1 x 5 years
Current Rent General Outgoings: $472.32 per month + GST Promotional Levy: $84.22 per month +GST
Adjustments 3% per annum and reviewed to market at renewal period


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