Specialist fencing manufacturer


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Business Description

  • Leading manufacturer of period fences in SA
  • Operates with a small team of 4 staff
  • Trading for over 30 years
  • Returning a working owner approx. $200,000 p.a.
  • Located close to the city in the Eastern suburbs

Simon Winter 0419 828 689

Extended Price Information

Goodwill $271,000
Plant & Equipment (approx written down value) $4,000
Stock at valuation (approx) $50,000


Financial Summary

Sales Return to Owner Return on Owner's Investment Return to Investor Return on Investment
n/a $580,547 $164,790 50.70% $104,790 32.24%
2013/2014 $602,87 167,580 51.56% $107,580 33.10%
2014/2015 $640,464 $194,18 59.75% $134,183 41.29%
2015/2016 (annualised) $831,634 $340,412 104.74% $280,412 86.28%

Staff Summary

One full time working owner, one full time staff member, one subcontractor and two casual staff.

Lease Summary

Current Rent $15,000 + GST per annum
Lease Term 2 years
Lease Commencement Settlement date
Outgoings Paid by the tenant
Adjustments CPI annually
Current Rent
Current Rent
The current vendors own the property and while there is no existing lease they do pay themselves a non commercial rent. The vendors are prepared to continue with a non market rent for up to two years to allow the purchaser a suitable period to relocate the business.


Plant & Equipment

Original Cost of Plant $41,004 (excluding motor vehicles)
Written Down Value of Plant (approx.) $4,000 (excluding motor vehicles)
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