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Business Description

This business originally started over 30 years ago and specialised in supplying the gourmet and fresh food market with an exceptional array of products that would have been hard to find in one location anywhere else in Adelaide. The business is in effect a grocery store that only supplies gourmet foods. The products are of the highest possible quality with many ready-made meals of restaurant quality which are prepared onsite.

Many of the products sold are “value added products” and are exclusive to this business which allows the products to be sold at exceptional margins that supermarkets simply can not achieve. This is the opportunity for a buyer or a family to acquire a high turnover fresh food business that is unique with very limited serious competition. This opportunity will not come up again for decades.

At a glance:

  • Large gourmet retailer - turnover over $42,000 per week
  • Located in the Eastern suburbs
  • Experienced staff and gross profit over 45%
  • Operated by the same family for over 30 years
  • Return to a working owner over $200,000

Tony Iasiello 0412 217 608

Extended Price Information

Goodwill $75,000
Plant & Equipment $120,000
Stock at valuation (approx) $150,000


Financial Summary

Sales Return to Owner Return on Owner's Investment Return to Investor Return on Investment
2014/2015 $2,590,813 $222,771 64.57% $157,771 45.73%
2015/2016 $2,450,874 $160,363 46.48% $95,363 27.64%
2016/2017 $2,220,330 $149,442 43.32% $84,442 24.48%
2017/2018 (annualised) 2,213,026 $200,932 58.24% $135,922 39.40%
The return to owner is a net return to one working owners after all expenses and wages but excluding the vendors’ wage.

This business is currently run under management and the owners are not involved in the day to day operation of the business.

Staff Summary

Five full time and ten casual staff

Lease Summary

Current Rent $4,696.21 per month + GST
Lease Term 5 years
Lease Commencement Date of Settlement
Right of Renewal 2 x 5 years
Outgoings Paid by tenant
Adjustments CPI annually
Bank Guarantee 3 months’ rent + GST + outgoings


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