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Business Description

This business was established by the current vendors in 1991 and has a strong reputation as a leading South Australian retailer of equipment and supplies used in high quality digital printing technology. This technology is the backbone of specialised industries such as photographic, graphic designing, sign writing, textile and promotional printing and architectural services.

With a large and varied customer base, the business turnover is in excess of $3 million per annum and comprises of over the phone, in store and online sales. The business also operates as a distributor for various national and international equipment manufacturers within South Australia, who provide the vendors and staff with ongoing training as the equipment and technology evolves.

Trading 5 days per week, with experienced staff who have worked within the industry for may years this business is capable of being run under management. It is an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to purchase a business where all of the systems and structures necessary to allow for a smooth transfer from one owner to another are in place and well established.

At a glance:

  • Well established business with strong reputation
  • Distributor for various equipment manufacturers
  • Expert staff with years of experience
  • In store & online sales of over $3 million per annum
  • 5-day business capable of being run under management

Simon Winter 0419 828 689

Extended Price Information

Goodwill $160,000
Plant & Equipment $100,000
Stock at valuation (approx) $260,000


Financial Summary

Sales Return to Owner Return on Owner's Investment Return to Investor Return on Investment
n/a $2,650,544 $223,281 48.54% $103,281 22.45%
2014/2015 $3,015,900 $234,508 50.98% $114,508 24.89%
2015/2016 $3,212,260 $308,316 67.03% $188,316 40.94%
2016/2017 (annualised) $2,491,099 $280,291 60.93% $160,291 34.85%
The return to owner is a net return to two working owners after all expenses and wages but excluding the vendors’ wages.

It is expected that the performance in 2016/17 will be above what is projected because the annualised sales projection is unduly influenced by the impact of the very poor commercial months of December and January.

Staff Summary

Two vendors with two full time and two part time staff.

Lease Summary

Current Rent $7,334.62 per month + GST
Lease Term 5 years
Lease Commencement Settlement date
Right of Renewal 1 x 5 years
Outgoings Paid by tenant
Adjustments CPI annually
Bank Guarantee 3 months’ rent


Plant & Equipment

Original Cost of Plant $248,766
Written Down Value of Plant (approx.) $100,000
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