The Yoghurt Shop, Central Market


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Business Description

Located in the bustling and popular central market this  is a company owned store being offered for sale and is currently run entirely under management.

This business operates as a specialist retailer of fresh yoghurt and yoghurt associated products.

The business will be sold to a purchaser who will operate it under a  Licence Agreement with the product being provided under a separate Supply Agreement.
This business is not a franchise and no franchise fees are payable.


Simon Winter 0419 828 689


Extended Price Information

Goodwill $267,000
Plant & Equipment $45,000
Stock at valuation (approx) $8,000


Financial Summary

Sales Return to Investor Return on Investment
n/a $735,919 $173,738 54.30%
2013/2014 $668,015 $137,730 43.04%
2014/2015 $598,350 $98,987 30.93%
2015/2016 (annualised) $606,009
This business is currently run under management and the owners are not involved in the day to day
operation of the business.

Staff Summary

There are nine casual staff employed within the business

Lease Summary

Current Rent $1,845.25 per month + GST
Lease Term 10 years
Lease Commencement 1st January 2009
Right of Renewal None
Outgoings Marketing promotion and council rates.
Adjustments 4% per annum and reviewed to market after 5 years on the 1st January 2014
Bank Guarantee No greater than 3 months' rent


Plant & Equipment

Original Cost of Plant $276,582
Written Down Value of Plant (approx.) $45,000
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